Fusion and Astrophysical Plasma Physics Group

The Fusion and Astrophysical Plasma Physics Group within the Physics Department and the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences at the University of California, San Diego is led by Professor Patrick H. Diamond, Distinguished Professor of Physics, and consists of two research scientists-- Mikhail Malkov, Fred Hinton, one Postdoctoral Scholar and two graduate student researchers-- and is managed by an administrative assistant.


P.H. Diamond | Research Statement:

"I maintain an active interest in many theoretical problems pertaining to turbulence, transport and self-organization in plasmas fluids and non-equilibrium systems, in general. These include bifurcated mean flow states in turbulent shear flows, magnetic dynamos, confinement and turbulence in magnetized plasmas, flows in granular media, anomalous viscosity mechanisms in accretion disks and MHD turbulence. I am also actively involved with several aspects of the Magnetic Fusion Energy Program. Non-equilibrium statistical dynamics is a rich subject, so I am always alert for interesting new problems."


M.N. Rosenbluth (Deceased) | Research Contributions:

In 1956 Rosenbluth took the position of senior research advisor with the nuclear energy research company General Atomics (GA) in San Diego. He continued working with GA even after being appointed professor of physics at University of California, San Diego in 1960. After 1967, Rosenbluth took professorships at the Princeton Institute of Advanced Study and then at the University of Texas at Austin before returning to UCSD and GA twenty years later in 1987. Rosenbluth retired from these positions in 1993 and began work as the chief scientist of the Central Team for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) until 1999.